About Faux Paws

We're a furry-based LGBT-friendly community centered around traditional survival Minecraft! Our goal is to create a friendly, open, accepting, and stress-free place to get your survival Minecraft experience (with some quality of life features added to the game) for all of us furries and like-minded individuals!

Currently running on the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.16.1!


Server gameplay information!

  • Faux Paws is based around traditional vanilla survival Minecraft, with a few quality of life additions!

  • Our easy to understand ranks include: Newcomer, Member, Elder, and Donator!

    • Newcomers are players who are new to Faux Paws! Members are the regular members of the community, 2 hours of play time required. Elders are the long-time members of the community, 15 days of play time required. Donators are supporters of the server who have donated a minimum of $10! To donate, see below!

  • With our handy survival warps and lightweight plugins, you'll be off surviving in style in no time!

  • A convenient home system, simply type /sethome [name] to set a home and /home [name] to return to that home! (Newcomer: 3 homes, Member: 6 homes, Elder: 10 homes, Donator: 20 homes)

  • Create claims to keep your builds and items protected! In addition to your starting amount of claim blocks, you gain 120 blocks per hour!

  • Explore the server spawn area or simply use /rtp to teleport randomly somewhere in the world

Halftone Image of Crowd

Server Rules

  • Be respectful to everyone, regardless of rank!

  • No discrimination, politics or offensive behavior.

  • No NSFW / adult / 18+ material.

  • No cheats, hacks or exploits.

  • No griefing, stealing or PVP without consent.

  • No idling or AFKing at auto-farms. No auto-fish farms.

  • No advertising other servers without permission.

  • No drama in the public chats.

  • Your account, your responsibility.


Support the Server

Would you like to help support the server? Click the button below!

Please leave your Minecraft username in the donation comments!

For the in-game rank of Donator, a minimum donation of $10 USD is required, although any amount is appreciated! Of course, no payment is required and the server is and always will be 100% free to play on!

In-game donator perks:

Access to commands: /hat, /skull, /nick (no nick color)

2304 additional claim blocks (9 Chunks)

20 homes (/sethome)

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